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Artificial Grass/ Synthetic turf for Sports Pitches

SFME is your one-stop-shop from supply to installation and maintenance of the best pitches for your players.

Whether you are a school, university, community or a local club we have installed pitches for all. With several installations in over 10 countries in the last 5 years, we have helped clients just like you.

If you are looking for a new football, rugby, hockey or multisurface pitch, we can help.

Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Quality synthetic grass landscaping will provide years of satisfaction if you make the right choices with the product and the installation company.

Selecting a Quality Product
 Our artificial grass products are unmatched when it comes to realism, life expectancy.

Choosing The Right Company 
To ensure your new lawn is professionally installed, choose a company specializing in synthetic grass installation, rather than from an individual who has marginal experience or a company that does synthetic turf as a sideline. Select a company that employs trained and experienced installation crews who install synthetic turf every day to guarantee your installation is done correctly the first time, increasing the longevity of your synthetic lawn.

Visit Existing Installations
 It is important to view a completed installation to see the true quality of a company’s work, and to visualize how your finished lawn will look.

Check References 
Call existing customers of the companies you are considering. It is a red flag if a company does not provide references. A company’s customers are always the best resource for rating customer service, installation and satisfaction in the product.

Avoid Newcomers 
Companies come and go in the turf business. If they go out of business, so does your warranty. Make sure that you are working with a company that has been around for several years. Your warranty is only as good as the company backing it up. There is no turf manufacturer that will come out and replace your lawn if there is a defect.

Don’t Just “Trust” Your Landscaper 
Landscapers and gardeners are good at many things, but few are proficient in synthetic turf installation.

Hard court surfaces for Tennis/ Basketball

We have a complete range of porous and non-porous acrylic hard court surfaces for your basketball/ tennis outdoor surfaces.

Indoor Sport Surfaces

Our indoor Sport Floorings Middle East are well known for their top quality for all kind of different sports. The perfect slip resistance and the excellent wear resistance make the PU-Sport systems the right choice for many athletes. Due to the durability and elastic characteristics these floor systems can be used for all kind of sports, but also for several non-sport events like exhibitions, exams and seminars. This makes PU-sport the true multipurpose choice. Our Sports & Rubber Surfaces provides a wide range of high-quality polyurethane sports flooring systems.

All PU-Sport systems are seamless and therefore easy to maintain and are build to last. Due to the characteristics of the PU-Sport system, the surface can easily be renovated by using our special resurfacing PU-Sport polyurethane resin. 

The complete system is EN14904 and DIN 18032-2 tested.

Rubber Sports Flooring

Our Sports & Rubber Surfaces provides a range of multi-purpose outdoor sports surfaces. The surface is an all-weather sports surface, suitable for a wide range of locations: schools, clubs, universities, hotels or any other recreational facility. These outdoor sport systems can be used in all climates from very high temperatures and humid conditions. The Outdoor Sport systems can be used for many activities: tennis, basketball, volleyball, football or any other recreational activity.

The Outdoor Sport systems are well known for their minimum of maintenance needed even when used intensively. This in combination with its durability and friendly characteristics for the athletes. The Outdoor Sport is tested acc EN 14877.

Recreational Rubber Flooring

We provide a broad range of Rubber floorings made of a mixture of Recycled Rubber (SBR) and (coloured) EPDM (new) rubber granules. These are bonded together with a polyurethane binder. 

Although every combination of recycled rubber (0-100%) and coloured EPDM granules (0-100%) can be provided we have defined some standard series. These series have a fixed proportion of recycled rubber versus new rubber and therefore also a fixed price.

SFME Standard series

Series Composition
Mix Colour 20-80 Functional Serie 20% EPDM and 80% Recycled rubber
Mix Colour 70-30 70% EPDMand 30% Recycled rubber
Full Colour Mix Serie 95% EPDMand < 5% Recycled rubber
Full Colour Uni Serie 100% EPDM

Properties / Product Advantages
Resistant to mechanical impact and point loads
Attractive design
Numerous colours and colour combinations
Maximum light absorbing
Excellent anti-slip characteristics even when wet
Extremely wear resistant
Comfortable cushioning effect
Anti fatigue
Impact sound absorbing
Easy to install and to maintain
Recyclable, environmentally friendly
Affordable choice with long economical life cycle
Endless colour choice and colour combinations

Sport Equipment

We have supplied sports equipments to a list of clients including Schools and educational institutes, Sports clubs, public parks, Labour camps. We also carry in stock a large variety of football accessories and training articles. We provide a wide range of gym and fitness accessories and sport equipment for gymnastics, athletics, and individual and team sports articles. We also provide a complete line of furnishing and accessories for changing rooms, such as shower cubicles, lockers and are partnered with premium suppliers from Europe.

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